The Danish

Jeff Danis, aka the Danish, grew up in a suburb of Boston called Andover, Massachusetts. He attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida and upon graduating, moved to New York City for an internship with the Howard Stern Show. No, he didn't see nudity, so please stop asking.

Jeff moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue his dream of working shitty day jobs, while trying his hand at entertainment just for fun.  Shortly after moving to LA, Jeff started performing stand up comedy at the world famous Comedy Store.  He's a true Comedy Store product, as he rose up the ranks from open miker to employee to finally becoming a paid regular.  While working the parking lot there, he crashed Pauly Shore's car and somehow was not fired.  The Comedy Store is also where Jeff met his writing partner, Ryan O'Neill.  The two have been writing together ever since.


Ryan O’Neill was born in a small town in Indiana. He spent his childhood living in a motel that his family ran and working on his grandparents’ farm. Life on the farm was no walk in the park. Ryan was often called out of school to help pregnancy test cattle or fix broken water lines. In other words, it was hard fucking work, especially for a child.

Later, Ryan achieved a lifelong dream by becoming an open-wheel racecar driver. This sounds like bullshit, but it’s actually true. Ryan has pictures to prove it. He showed great talent but feared that he would never be able to raise the kind of money he needed to race in the big leagues. So, Ryan quickly pursued another love: writing. He started that new ambition by attending Columbia College in Chicago at age 21. He quickly became a freshman sensation because he could legally buy beer. He worked hard and graduated in 3 years and headed off to Los Angeles. He quickly realized that getting noticed as a comedy writer was near impossible, so he decided to try his hand at stand up comedy, a decision that would both better his life and almost destroy it. The betterment came from meeting his writing partner, Jeff Danis. Their chance encounter would end up changing the world for the better. So far, the journey has been an adventure that he wouldn’t trade for anything and also would never do again.

Danish & O'Neill

Together, the duo co-created, wrote, and directed two seasons of the hit web series Daddy Knows Best, starring Steve Rannazzisi, which amassed over ten million views online. They've written on episodes of @midnight, numerous sketches for Comedy Central, and directed a pilot based on the cult movie classic, Windy City Heat. They currently have a TV pilot in development and are writing a series starring themselves.

After years of performing stand up separately, they decided to combine forces to make something even more powerful, a la Voltron, and the comedy world hasn’t been the same since. Together, they’ve headlined at clubs across the country. Danish and O’Neill were two of the four members of the cult classic podcast, Boner City USA. When that came to an end, they decided to start their own podcast, aptly titled Danish and O’Neill.


The Coach Who Clothed Them - Uncensored

Steve Rannazzisi stars in a new movie about a man who stands up to an unjust system -- no matter the cost.

Danish & O'Neill Episode 1: Babysitters

Danish and O'Neill get in on the babysitting game.

Danish & O'Neill Episode 2: Bigfoot!

Danish and O'Neill go out into the woods looking to catch themselves a squatch.

Danish & O'Neill Episode 3: Rhonda Part 1

Danish and O'Neill get to the know their favorite basketball player, Rhonda Jones.




Season 1

Steve (Steve Rannazzisi, "The League") is a new dad trying to come to grips with the unique responsibilities of parenthood... and failing.

Season 2

Steve is back for season 2 of Daddy Knows Best!




Danish & O'neill: Sunday Funday

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Danish would like it if his friend Pete would just shut up and watch the game.

Press Conference

An aggravated Steve Rannazzisi fields questions about his new special and his upcoming stand-up tour.


Happy F**king Valentine's Day

Ari Shaffir makes an unsettling discovery when he and his girlfriend decide to have sex for the first time.


Enhanced Interrogation

All Steve Rannazzisi has to do is answer a few questions about his special, and everything will be fine.



Danish & O'Neill

Danish and O'Neill are the 23rd ranked comedy duo in the nation, 59th in the world, and 107th in the galaxy. Their podcast, aptly named Danish and O'Neill, is in the top one million podcasts regularly. They co-created, wrote, and directed a web series called Daddy Knows Best and perform their stand up comedy worldwide, spreading joy and deviancy wherever they go.



When you mess with the bull, you get the bull penis. Ryan O'Neill